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Stud Boy Kwik Pixx Snowmobile Track Stud

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Stud Boy “Kwik Pixx” Snowmobile Track Stud
A racer’s choice for push-through steel studs!
Recommended for competition use only

Don’t let this slender profile fool you! This “Kwik Pixx” stud is through-hardened for outstanding strength and wear resistance. Its tapered shank gives superior rigidity, and the 30º point provides outstanding penetration.
The “Kwik Pixx” features .750” head size and ¼”-28 thread size, and lock-nut is included.

Stud Boy “Kwik Pixx Improved” Snowmobile Stud
Recommended for competition use only

Our “Kwik Pixx Improved” has enhanced the original “Kwik Pixx” by enlarging the head size to .875”, and the shank size to 5/16”. The larger head size offers “STUD BOY”® “Track Trapping” head design that provides greater support. Available in three (3) lengths, the “Kwik Pixx Improved” includes lock-nuts.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 1 in

.875", 1.000", 1.080", 1.200”, 1.375”

Thread Size

1/4" – 28 Thread Original, 5/16" – 24 Thread Improved