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We’ve been creating an outstanding array of snowmobile performance products for experienced and novice enthusiasts alike since 1988. Our ultimate goal is to produce the snowmobile skis that fit your and your families’ riding styles. You won’t have to conform your riding style to our skis.

Every one of our ski designs has seen the race track for the ultimate test in strength, durability, and, above all, safety. There has not been a laboratory test made yet that can even come close to the abuse a ski can receive on the track.

USI specializes in every item, large and small, that snowmobilers need in order to enjoy the sport and improve their performance-especially snowmobile skis of all types. We have an extensive inventory of carbide studs, mount kits, wear bars, suspension parts, snow flaps, alignment bars, and so much more.

Make tracks to your next ULTIMATE experience!

To Stud Boy Traction at the 2015 Big East Snow Show:

I have been using Stud Boy products on both my sled and my wife’s for many years.  I find them to be more durable than other brands I have tried over the 50 years I have snowmobiled.  I ran the last set of Deuce Wearbars for more than 22,000 miles, which for me is 2 years of riding.  The only maintenance needed was to sharpen the carbide.  My average snowmobile miles for the last 38 years are 10,000 to 15,000 miles a season.  I ride extensively in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.  Jim Jamison

Thank you Jim for putting our Deuce Bars to the test we are proud to have you as a customer! 

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